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About The Author

Terry Lee Barrett

Terry Lee Barrett was born at Andrews Memorial Hospital in Kingston, Jamaica. He was named after the doctor that helped bring him into the world. He is the son of The Reverend Dr. Leonard E. Barrett, Ph.D., and Theodora Jackson-Barrett. In his early life, he lived in Jamaica, Philadelphia, PA, and San German, Puerto Rico.

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As a Jamaican-American screenwriter born in Jamaica and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I deeply connect to my history and culture; I have had a lifelong interest in telling my semi-autobiographical story, “Kata, The Iron Thorn.”

Meet Terry Lee's Father

Dr. Leonard
E. Barrett Sr.

The Reverend Doctor Leonard E. Barrett, Sr., PhD, was born on January 26, 1920, in St. Elizabeth Jamaica, the son of Jerry Barrett and Katherine Wells-Barrett. Raised in Jamaica with humble beginnings and limited opportunities, Barrett’s perseverance and a quest for intellectual and spiritual experiences shaped his path as an academician, anthropologist, author, and theologian, who spent more than 50 years of his life, educating and inspiring students, colleagues, and communities